Seaward Services Inc. | EH&S Policy
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Environmental Health and Safety Policy

Seaward Services is committed to protecting the environment and the health and safety of our employees, our customers and the facilities where we operate. Meeting this commitment is a primary objective of management and is the individual and collective responsibility of Seaward Services employees nationwide. Seaward Services is dedicated to operating in accordance with the highest possible standards with respect to:

  • assuring safe maritime operations, both afloat and ashore;
  • avoiding damage to and minimizing impact upon the environment;
  • avoiding damage to the property of others;
  • protecting and enhancing the health, safety and welfare of its employees, its customers, and others affected by its activities.

To that end, Seaward Services will employ the following PRACTICES:

  • Promote Seaward Services’s environmental, health and safety standards through the dissemination of information, management commitment and participation;
  • Reduce environmental impact and conserve natural resources by minimizing waste and emissions, reusing and recycling material, and responsibly managing energy use;
  • Assess, document and periodically review the principal environmental, health and safety risks arising from its marine and industrial operations, and to progressively implement appropriate measures to minimize or avoid them;
  • Consider the environmental, health and safety implications of all decisions and ensure that ships, shore facilities and equipment incorporate the best commercially viable health and safety issues, both on a scheduled and unscheduled basis;
  • Training, provided for employees in job specific environmental, health and safety issues, both on a scheduled and unscheduled basis;
  • Ensure that these standards and goals are a fundamental element of management practices throughout the Seaward Services organization;
  • Comply with the relevant requirements of federal, state and local law and International Conventions and Codes of Practice, including the International Safety Management (ISM) Code;
  • Encourage, through co-operation, subcontractors and suppliers to achieve comparable environmental, health and safety standards;
  • Serve as a leader in deploying and promoting innovative, cost-effective environmental, health and safety technologies and procedures, within as well as outside the company.


Promote – Reduce – Assess – Consider – Train – Insure – Comply – Encourage – Serve