Seaward Services Inc. | Letter From the Vice President
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Letter From the Vice President and General Manager



I am delighted to come on board Seward Services and lead an incredibly talented team to new levels of excellence.  Our clients and their respective missions play a vital role in defending our nation and keeping us all safe and we are 100% committed to that end.


Seaward Services was established in 1981 and has continually served United States Government clients in the maritime industry both on and offshore and within our countries borders and abroad. As an overview, we are ISO 9001 Certified by the American Bureau of Shipping, hold a DoD Top Secret facility clearance, engage in multiple contract types including Firm Fixed Price, Cost Plus Fixed Fee and Time and Materials, possess a DCAA approved accounting system, and work with multiple large and small business partners and subcontractors.


Our guiding principles have and continue to be: dedication to our customers through outstanding service from a deeply knowledgeable and enthusiastic team, top-of-mind safety awareness and a focus on environmental and social responsibility.


We are glad you chose to visit our site and learn more about Seaward Services.  We are hopeful that you will invite us to talk with you about solving your needs. I am sure with our capabilities, we can be of service to you.


I invite you to get to know Seaward Services better. Make us part of your journey.




Nicholas Kunesh

Vice President and General Manager, Seaward Services