Seaward Services Inc. | Meet the Vice President and General Manager
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Nicholas Kunesh

Vice President and General Manager of Seaward Services


Nicholas has over 25 years of diverse business and maritime experience in the public and private sector.  He is a customer focused and performance driven leader who strongly believes that people and processes are critical to organizational achievement.


After graduating from the United States Merchant Marine Academy, Nicholas reported to the Naval Flight School in Pensacola, Florida and aftering earning his wings, he flew in P-3 Orion reserve squadrons until his retirement as a Commander.  After completing his MBA at George Washington University, he served as Director of Materials at the navigational systems manufacturer, Sperry Marine.  Later, Nicholas was appointed by the White House and served as the Deputy Assistant Navy Secretary for Logistics in the Pentagon for five years.  After his public service he founded a startup company, NAWAH Port Management (NPM), that refurbished, containerized and conducted port management services at Basra Port in Iraq.  NPM also conducted feeder ship operations out of Jebel Ali Port in Dubai, UAE serving the oil and gas industry and commercials markets in Iraq.  He recently provided consulting services to public and private sector organizations including the executive leadership offices of the Army Material Command and Joint Munitions Command.


Nicholas looks forward to building strategic partnerships and positioning win-win solutions that result in delighting customers with world class maritime services.