A Crew For Any Vessel

Seaward takes immense pride in identifying and employing mariners who embody our core values. Our seafarers have skillfully navigated through 40-foot rollers in the North Pacific, charted courses across the Suez Canal, and mastered the intricacies of the Singapore Strait. Everyday Seaward’s crew demonstrates an unwavering professionalism and commitment to safety, which makes them best-in-class.

Leveraging a dynamic history of operating an extensive range of military and commercial vessels, Seaward Services assures an unparalleled degree of service in any scenario. Our crews, trained to perfection, possess the operational expertise necessary for ensuring secure and successful commercial services, catering to clients across the commercial, government, defense, research, and support sectors.

Many of our mariners joined the team straight out of the academy. Others have sailed with the company for over twenty years. We have all grown together and their knowledge and professionalism serves as the foundation of all that we do.

Highly Specialized Mariners

All of our mariners undergo comprehensive in-house training and familiarization to build on the foundation of their experience to ensure that all USCG regulations are adhered to.

Additionally, all of Seaward’s high-speed officers complete a rigorous, USCG-endorsed, proprietary type-rating program to ensure that they operate our vessels to the highest standards.

If you are in need of crew or interested in our training services, please feel free to reach out.