Technical & Engineering Services

Don’t let your next shipyard stress you out. Seaward has managed shipyards big and small, from Charleston to Singapore. Our dedicated team of engineers and program managers possess decades of experience, knowledge, and the motivation to make your next yard a stress-free experience. And our knowledge extends from the wheelhouse to the engine room. Seaward’s seasoned engineers can maintain, repair, and service just about anything with fuel. From your smallest outboard to 10,000 horsepower engines and beyond, Seaward’s engineers have the chops (and wrenches) to assist with a diverse number of shoreside and shipboard engineering projects.

Our cradle-to-grave service packages allow Seaward to enter a project at any stage. Our team has the technical expertise to completely retrofit a vessel or simply provide annual drydocking repairs. From package development to re-splashing, we’ve got you covered. Our team has led multiple drydocking projects in excess of $7 Million, including the conversion of the HSV Huakai into the troop transport vessel, the USNS Guam. Major work items have included:

Program Management

Seaward Services has provided logistical, maintenance, operational, engineering, and technical support to various DoD projects and shoreside facilities for over 31 years. Seaward has a comprehensive suite of management tools that can help our customers with a broad spectrum of logistical and management support. Our team can do anything from arranging HAZMAT storage to chartering fixed-wing air charters. Our logistical services have been demonstrated through various government contracts, including at SFOMF where Seaward is tasked with operating and maintaining an underwater electromagnetic signature acquisition range. Additionally, Seaward has supported the NUWC Newport Range in Narragansett Bay where we have maintained range cabling and equipment through vessel and underwater autonomous vessel charters.

Seaward has also provided comprehensive support, lifecycle engineering, R&D, evaluation testing and integrated logistic support for – autonomous surface vessels, combatant craft, boats, patrol coastal ships, life rafts, other watercraft, associated hull, mechanical, and electronic systems for the Combatant Craft Division, Detachment Norfolk. Additionally, Seaward operated the Explosive Ordinance Detachment training center at Eglin Air Force Base, and the Navy Diver School; including the operation of the two dive training vessels in Panama City Beach.

Seaward personnel have performed general waterfront operations such as: launching and retrieving small watercraft, handling lines, tying, and untying small watercraft, pumping fuel, maintaining clean and orderly small watercraft and test sites, controlling access to small watercraft and facilities, and other functions as may be required for safe and efficient waterfront operations