Multi-Purpose Offshore Supply Vessels

In 2021, Seaward Services acquired two oil spill response boats from MSRC and converted them into the multi-purpose offshore vessels, Seaward Endeavor and Seaward Explorer. Measuring in at 208 feet LOA, the vessels unique specifications allow them to provide niche maritime support to a variety of operations. They are large enough for the long-haul and compact enough to make the ships viable for short-term, near coastal charters.

Each vessel is equipped with two (2), 20-ton cranes fore and aft that allow the ship to retrieve, deploy, and hoist with flexibility in a variety of setting. Plus, two (2) RHIB davits mean you can quickly, safely, and easily deploy and recover the ship’s small boats or another support vessel of your choosing. The strategic assortment of powerful deck equipment also presents endless applications for at-sea operations. To date, the boats have facilitated multiple missions for Army and Navy special forces, numerous private research efforts, target deployment and recovery, drone launches, and various dynamic operations for both commercial and government entities.

The vessels are currently available for charter in the Western and Eastern Pacific. To learn more or receive a quote, please visit the contact page by clicking the link below and someone from the team will reach out.

Designed for the sea. Built for you.