Innovation Is Stitched Into Our Sails

In 2022, as part of a joint venture with Windea, Seaward helped lay the keels for the United States’ first Jones-Act compliant, Crew Transfer Vessels (CTV’s) specifically designed to support offshore wind construction and operations in New England. The vessels will go into operation in the summer of 2023 and service the Vineyard Wind farm off the island of Martha’s Vineyard. The vessels will feature as an integral component in the burgeoning wind farm sector by delivering crew and supplies to turbines daily for routine maintenance and inspection.

Seaward will assume the helm for these first-of-their-kind vessels for GE. As the first owner operators of CTV’s in the US, Seaward will not only be at the forefront of offshore wind, but play a pivotal role in the development of standards and operations for all future operators.

Integrating Autonomous Features

We are on the forefront of autonomous and artificial intelligence technologies in the maritime industry. In addition to our experience crewing and testing autonomous U.S. Navy vessels, we also partner with companies like Sea Machines to integrate smart technology into our current and future fleets.

These efforts should reduce fuel consumption, improve safety, and reduce the risk of at sea-collisions on our vessels. Such improvements are in line with our company’s core values and we are committed to integrating these solutions to fleetwide.

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